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This website is dedicated to people who are passionate about the world of cars and motorbikes! Owners – Admirers – Anyone and Everyone who gets turned on and tuned in by racing, drifting, car & motorbike shows – Just about anything on wheels for entertainment and hobby. Inside MotorTeams.com website you will find: profile page, instant messenger, blog, timeline, upload photo/video content, advertising, cars or bikes sales, teams map and the chance to create your own team and use your points in cars/motorbikes live entertainments.


  • Upload photos and videos on your profile, of your car or motorbikes.
  • Upload tutorials of mounting and/or disassembling cars or motorbikes customization, tuning and anything else you can show others how it’s done.
  • Find or invite friends through your profile. You can choose e-mail invite option or share directly from your account to any of the major social networks.
  • Blog option – We encourage our members to join in and contribute to our blog.
  • Buy or sell a car, motorcycle or parts in motor sales listings
  • Promote your business, shop or website in our business listings.
  • Join a team
  • Earn points to bet in team races or get free access in events
  • Create a team & become a team leader


  • If you have management skills, you can create your own team.
  • Build your own team by gathering people or friends,with the same passion of cars and motorbikes and invite them to register our website. Create the biggest team in your city.
  • If you pass the first ranking step from team building to beginner mode, your team will appear on team maps. Everyone who have access to MotorTeams.com will know you as the greatest team leader and your team of car or motorbikes addicts, from your city or country.
  • You can organize events or team meetings with your team.
  • If you complete rank beginner mode you can rally with another team leader and build bigger team meetings.
  • At bigger ranks meetings you will get MotorTeams.com support to create a mega events, such as racing, drifting, sponsored live concerts and more.

On the Map

Check out all the teams and online shops around the world. Every team with rank BRONZE TEAM, SILVER TEAM, GOLD TEAM will be featured on the team map.

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Organize live events or team meetings where you and your friends can participate to enjoy yourselves and earn awesome prizes.

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