and create your profile as a visitor if you didn‘t get an invitation from a local team leader.

You can also log in with Facebook or Google account.

We are trying to gather all groups of car enthusiasts from all around the world in one place, so we have created motorteams.com website.

Create a profile, upload content about your vehicle, and join/create a team of car enthusiasts. Your actions on motorteams.com will be rewarded with virtual points that can be exchanged or bet in live entertainments. Get your VIP badge and become a motorteams.com street racer.

Motorteams.com intends to implement a safer way to drive on public roads. Any standard vehicle can be driven in a sporty style by any driver. Precisely for this reason, we are trying to gather a majority of drivers from all cities of the world on the motorteams.com website and offer them the opportunity to express their desire to use, however they want their personal vehicles, on specially arranged tracks outside the public places. Most accidents occur due to excessive speed on public roads. We encourage all traffic participants to drive cautiously on public roads and within the limits of the law, of course wearing the seat belt of all passengers in the car.

Check out the motorteams.com rules to understand how everything works.


It starts with STAGE 1 …find them all and have fun!



  • Upload photos and videos on your profile, of your vehicle.
  • Upload tutorials of mounting and/or disassembling car customization, tuning, and anything else you can show others how it’s done.
  • Find or invite friends through your profile. You can choose the e-mail invite option, referral code to complete the stage, or share directly from your account to any of the major social networks.
  • Forum option – We encourage our members to join in and contribute to our forum.
  • Buy or sell a car, or parts in motor sales listings.
  • Promote your business, shop, or website in our business listings.
  • Join a team.
  • Earn points to bet in team races or get free access to events.
  • Create a team & become a team leader.


  • If you have management skills, you can create your team and become internationally known.
  • Build your team by gathering people or friends, with the same passion of cars and invite them to register our website. Create the biggest team in your city.
  • If you pass the first ranking step from team building to beginner mode, your team will appear on team maps. Everyone who has access to Motoreams.com will know you as the greatest team leader and your team of car addicts, from your city or country.
  • You can organize events or team meetings with your team.
  • If you complete rank beginner mode you can rally with another team leader and build bigger team meetings.
  • At bigger ranks meetings you will get motorteams.com support to create mega-events, such as racing, drifting, sponsored live concerts and more.

On the Map

Check out all the teams and online shops around the world. Every team with rank BRONZE TEAM, SILVER TEAM, GOLD TEAM will be featured on the team map.

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