We intend to implement a safer way to drive on public roads. Any standard vehicle can be driven in a sporty style by any driver. Precisely for this reason, we are trying to gather a majority of drivers from all cities of the world on the Motorteams.com website and offer them the opportunity to express their desire to use, however they want their personal vehicles, on specially arranged tracks outside the public places. Most accidents occur due to excessive speed on public roads. We encourage all traffic participants to drive cautiously on public roads and within the limits of the law, of course wearing the seat belt of all passengers in the car.

Keep this in mind mister driver: If you drive outside the legal speed limit on a public road, and suddenly a human or another car appears in front of you, you can’t stop in time to avoid the collision. It is advisable to be aware of what can happen if you drive a car outside the legal speed limit, behave maturely so as to avoid any traffic accident to save your own and others’ lives. Public roads are not race tracks!

That being said, we present to you what we created for the speed and car design enthusiasts. A place where everyone is invited.
This website is dedicated to people who are passionate about the world of cars and motorbikes! Owners – Admirers – Anyone and Everyone who gets turned on and tuned in by racing, drifting, car & motorbike shows – Just about anything on wheels for entertainment and hobby.

Please read the rules category from the header, to learn how everything works.

It starts with stage 1 … 


Founder and owner: Dumitrescu Lucian.

Romania / Contact: motorteams@gmail.com

General manager: Darie P. Ramona.

Italy / Contact: motorteams@legalmail.it